7th EAAE Summer School          

Hall in Tirol, Austria, 25 -30 August 2003


The European Association for Astronomy Education is the first all-European network for teachers interested in Astronomy. The EAAE has a set of working groups that work in several fields. The aim of the EAAE-WGSS working group of Summer School is to offer teachers access to specific research, to new educational materials and methods and the chance to exchange experiences.

This Summer School is open to all teachers who work in primary and secondary schools in European countries. The seventh Summer School for European teachers will be held next August in Austria.
For a week, around fifty European teachers will attend general lectures, working groups, workshops and observational sessions. To that end, the Austrian members of EAAE-WGSS have to prepare the local organisation with the support of Austrian institutions. The Chairperson of the EAAE-Summer School is Rosa M. Ros and Arntraud Bacher is the Chairperson of the Local Organising Committee.

Main features of the Summer School

The Summer School will take place on 6 days in the third week of August (25.08.03 - 30.08.03). Astronomers and/or professors will present several different kinds of activities at this event from universities or schoolteachers from different European countries, with the active participation of the audience. In general, instructors at the Summer School will be members of EAAE-SS.

The theme of this Summer School is the Astronomy in the Mountains, that is to say the astronomy related to, from about the mountains.

General Lectures: GL will be presented during the Opening and Closing session

Working groups: WG will focus on general discussions related to Teaching Astronomy in different European countries

Workshops: WS will also be held in small groups. The objective of these activities is to offer teachers very practical and didactic presentations.

Observation sessions can be held during the Summer School. The goal is to introduce the participants to observation.

Poster exhibitions will be organised, to which participants are invited to contribute by presenting posters of particular astronomical activities. Participants interested in presenting a poster should send an English summary (max. 200 words) to Rosa M. Ros by e-mail (ros@mat.upc.es) with the registration form. The posters will be presented during the Summer School in English

Session to evaluate the different activities will take place at the end of the Summer School. There will be a chance to make comments on the course contents in a general discussion.

A proposed schedule is:

Monday: General Lecture (1.5 h.) / WS (1.5 h.) / LUNCH / WS (1.5 h.) / WG (Introduction) (1 h.) / Observation
Tuesday: WS (1.5 h.) / WS (1.5 h.) / LUNCH / WS (1.5 h.) / WG (Poster Session) (1 h.) / Observation
Wednesday: WS (1.5 h.) / WS (1.5 h.) / LUNCH / WS (1.5 h.) / WG (1 h.) / Observation
Thursday: WS (1.5 h.) / WS (1.5 h.) / LUNCH / Possible trip
Friday: WS (1.5 h.) / WS (1.5 h.) / LUNCH / WS (1.5 h.) / WG (1 h.) /
Saturday: WG (Evaluation) (1.5 h.) / General Lecture (1.5 h.)/ LUNCH /

Publications and material

The organisers of the Summer School will publish the material necessary to carry out the activities on the programme. On the first day of the Summer School, each participant will receive a booklet with:

Announcement and Selection of Participants

Each national representative member of EAAE will receive information about the Summer School, and they should inform the schoolteachers of their country about this course. There will be a total of 50 participants. The Summer School is for schoolteachers interested in Astronomy even if they only have limited knowledge in this field. The Summer School is not aimed at experts. The languages will be English, German and Italian so it is desirable that participants can speak two of these languages, as the aim of the organisers is to promote very active participation and the exchange of ideas. Although the organisation will not be offering simultaneous translation, it will provide multilingual documentation. In the proceedings, the contribution will be presented in English and one other language (German or Italian). The 7th EAAE Summer School will be held at the Hall in Tirol in Austria.

Each EAAE National Representative Member must provide a list of participants (with their e-mail addresses) from his/her country before April 15th 2002. This list (name, address, qualifications and workplace) should be sent to Rosa M. Ros, chairperson of EAAE-WGSS, e-mail : ros@mat.upc.es

Registration Fees

The registration fee for EAAE members for the Summer School is 200 Euro, to be paid before April 30th 2003, with a further 50 Euro to be paid at a later date. For non-EAAE Members the fee is 250 Euro, to be paid before April 30th 2003, with a further 50 Euro to be paid at late date.

General information on this Summer School will be available through the web of EAAE and by e-mail.

November 30th 2002

Rosa M. Ros, Chairperson of the EAAE-Summer School
Arntraud Bacher, Chairperson of Local Organising Committee


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